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Insulating Concrete Forms / Aluminum Form Cast-In-Place

Benefits of a Concrete Home or Building:

  • Energy Savings –reduce size of heating and cooling equipment.
  • Energy Savings - Save on your utility bills!
  • Safety & Security – withstands, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires…
  • Low Maintenance – no rot, rust etc…
  • Insurance Savings – up to 25% reduction in insurance costs.
  • Beautiful – brick, stone, stucco, vinyl siding, any exterior can be applied
  • Peaceful – sound reduction as high as 70%,
  • Comfortable - more consistent temperatures, less vibration, “feels safe”
  • Environmental Health – fewer building products, less waste
  • Cost Competitive
  • Air tight – 50% less air filtration.
  • Structural Intergrity - It's hard to beat the durability of concrete!

Safe Rooms - Storm Shelters Click Here for Information

Insulated Concrete Form Construction

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) continue to create excitement in both residetial and commercial building. CPG has information available to architects, engineers, contractors, builders, real estate agents, building code officials, and consumers.

We have seminars, power point presentations, data, fact sheets, pictures, and contacts available.

Aluminum Form Cast-In-Place Construction

Aluminum Form Poured-In-Place Concrete Homes another great construction method for building a safer beautiful home.

Aluminum form construction allows for efficient and economical construction for a safe cozy home or beautiful apartment /condo complex.


Concrete Homes Look Just Like Any Other Home
They do not Look Like Bomb Shelters

The Insulated Concrete Home Construction Method

ICF Construction Not Just for Residential Construction