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Site Cast Tilt-Up

Cast-In-Place/Tilt Up is a proven construction system that saves money over the entire life of a structure…before, during and after construction. Construction is faster, materials fewer and maintenance easier than comparable buildings constructed with other structural systems. The system involves casting the concrete in forms on the job site.

Why use Cast-In-Place Concrete Construction?

  • Shorter Floor-to-Floor Height, Concrete can save up to 2 feet per floor in construction depth, adding to a substantial materials savings and also reducing construction time. Longer spans with few and smaller columns leave more usable space per floor and more marketable space overall.
  • Lower Start Up Costs   Lower front end costs reduce prepared material payments by up to one-third, improving the owner's cash flow.
  • Quicker Start-Up   Concrete materials are readily available, requiring minimum pre-ordering and fewer initial project delays.
  • Shorter Start-to-Finish Time   Cast-in-place concrete can save an average of two months in total construction time over steel for buildings from 5 to 29 stories tall. Last-minute on-site changes can be made readily with concrete.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs  Concrete's inherent resistance to weather and temperature keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • Fire Resistant   Concrete is inherently fire-resistant. There is no need to add costly fireproofing to the frame.  Concrete frames may qualify for reduced fire insurance premiums.
  • Energy Efficient   Concrete acts as a thermal reservoir.  HVAC units can be smaller and require less energy to operate, a real long-term saving.
  • Versatile Design   Concrete conforms easily and inexpensively to different shapes.  Designs have maximum versatility and flexibility.

Tilt-Up Concrete Construction is a fast growing industry in the United States. Economics of tilt-up construction drive it's popularity. Tilt-up concrete construction consist of pouring the structural walls of a building flat within forms, and then lifted (crane) into place and anchored to the footings, floor slab and roof system.



A Group of Architects & Engineers Attending a CPG Tilt-up On-Site Demo

DCDI Speculative Building Shell, Before Finishing it Out

DCDI Speculative Building Finished Out