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Concrete Streets/Paving

Concrete Paving is the most versatile pavement available today. Concrete paving is used for streets, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, bridge decks, airport runways, and more.  The life of the pavement can be designed for 15 to 50 years, outliving any other pavement material.

Any good concrete pavement is dependent upon some basic components:

  • Concrete materials (refer back to the Concrete Basics web page)
  • Concrete mix design
  • Subgrades & Bases (the foundation the concrete pavement sits on)
  • Thickness Design
  • Specifications
  • Joint Design
  • Proper Curing

Types of Concrete Pavements include:

  • Jointed Plain Concrete
  • Jointed Reinforced Concrete
  • Bonded Concrete Overlay  (Concrete over Concrete)
  • Unbonded Concrete Overlay( Concrete over Asphalt)
  • Whitetopping (Concrete Overlay > 4” thick over Asphalt)
  • Ultra-thin Whitetopping (Concrete Overlay < 4” thick over Asphalt)
  • Decorative Concrete (Stained and/or Stamped for aesthetics)

Kansas City Metropolitan Materials Board (KCMMB)

Midwest Concrete Industry Board (MCIB)



Placing Concrete

Finishing a Concrete Street
(Independence, MO)

Paving Noland Road
(Independence, MO)